Name: Chris 'Tats' Tatsuno

Birthplace: Sun Valley, ID

Home Mountain: Aspen/Snowmass



Sickbird. Ultimate Ski Bum. Transient Van-Camper.

All have been ways to describe my passion for skiing and who I am as a result. But my story is far from being complete. After living many seasons with no concrete direction save for the premise of chasing powder, I have taken on a new role in life and in my skiing. Skiing is a lifestyle (don't let them convince you otherwise!) and it is my chance to pass on this accumulation of road-worthy knowledge to a new generation. This season I have been asked to help coach the AVSC Adaptive Program in Aspen, CO and it is through this position I can influence these paralympic hopefuls to look beyond the racing world and embrace the lifestyle of the mountains. And here, we can all rejoice in the love and community that is powder!


What is your favorite music to ride to?: No music for me; when you shred with TrewCrew member Pat Sewell, his jammypack will keep the beats bumping all day long.

Where is your favorite place to ride?: Aspen Mountain (Ajax) on a powder day- Lift 6

What is your favorite thing about your kit?: Perfect freeride fit with bomber materials that can take a beating. PowFunk is hot!

Where in the world, and with who, would be your ideal day of riding?: I need to get to Japan! Adam U would be a great guide for the Pat&Tats Show!

Any advice for our up and coming AM team riders?: Ski with your friends and build your careers together; push each other to film, write, take photos and take the industry by storm!

What keeps you TREW to riding?: Pow = Freedom. Freedom = Smiles. Smiles make the world go round.



The TREW Crew consists of diversely talented individuals whose lives revolve around sliding down snowy mountains. Some choose one plank and some choose two. Some free their heels and talk about freeing their minds. Others talk about tall PBRs and late night urban rails illuminated by truck headlights and camera flashes. Some are at the trailhead at 4 a.m. to start long climbs up tall peaks in search of sunrise pow turns. Some are on the first chair for a pow day, and some are on the last chair after shredding the pipe all day. Each member is original, each member pursues his or her dreams in the mountains, and they all wear TREW.

Photo By Lance Koudele